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Man Investments LU Man AHL Trend Alternative
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Hedgefonder 124,43 EUR 6,57 % Jämför Köp

Utveckling och avkastning

  • 6,57%
    i år
  • -0,04%
    1 vecka
  • 0,96%
    1 mån
  • 11,60%
    3 mån
  • 12,22 %
    6 mån
  • 5,96%
    1 år
  • 20,01%
    3 år
  • 59,06%
    5 år
  • -
    10 år

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The Fund aims to produce medium-term capital growth by trading a diversified portfolio of investments in accordance with the AHL Diversified Programme. The Fund aims to perform independently of traditional stock and bond investments thereby providing valuable diversification benefits and enhancing the risk/reward profile of a traditional investment portfolio. In order to achieve its investment objectives, the Fund invests mainly into financial derivative instruments (i.e. instruments whose prices are dependent on one or more underlying assets ('FDI')) in accordance with the AHL Diversified Programme. The Fund may also invest in other assets such as cash and money market funds. The AHL Diversified Programme employs computerised processes primarily to identify trends and other opportunities in markets around the world and invests in a diversified portfolio of instruments which may include, but is not limited to: futures, options and forward contracts, swaps and other FDI. These markets may be accessed directly or indirectly and include, without limitation, stocks, bonds, currencies, short-term interest rates and commodities.

Fondens startår: 2009-07-21 Fondens Bolag: Man Investments LU FondStorlek: 386,16 milj USD